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Triumph Hotel Group

Stay in Signature New York Style

The Triumph Hotel Group has stood as a luminary in the hospitality industry for decades. Passed through three generations of hoteliers to current owner Shimmie Horn, Triumph Hotels has a proud history and a bright future.

A 21st-century company designed to satisfy the needs of every guest, Triumph Hotels prides itself on providing unparalleled personal service and a friendly atmosphere at each of its six hotels. Shimmie Horn learned the art of hospitality from his family, who taught him to treat hotel personnel with the same respect and warmth they should show each and every guest. It’s that attitude that makes each of the five Triumph properties an inviting place to stay. 

Each of Triumph’s six hotels seamlessly blends the rich history of New York City with forward-thinking dynamism that makes each stay exciting. Cutting-edge amenities and trendsetting dining venues take residence in these architectural gems, providing experiences that are at once relaxing, inspiring and enthralling.

Learn more about the six other properties Triumph Hotel Group operates in Manhattan: